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September 29, 2020

TLS ASIA LLP is awarded SME 500 by Singapore Association of Trade & Commerce

Singapore SME 500 Award 2020 – 2021 | Recognizing & Ranking Singapore’s Top 500 SMEs.

The Singapore SME 500 Award was launched to recognize Singapore’s leading Small-Medium Enterprises across major trade and industries that have contributed significantly to Singapore’s GDP. Today, the SME 500 Award continues to recognize Singapore SMEs that have been developed and managed effectively, honouring leading businesses that have proven its success within the related business industries and sectors.

The SME 500 Award serves as a prestige recognition for your business and team players that have contributed greatly to each organization. Through nominations and recommendations of SMEs, the SME 500 Award committee assess and qualifies credible SMEs to be awarded the SME 500.

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